Let’s celebrate and support Earth day! Deli-Delight will donate $1 for every cup of coffee or tea ordered with a reusable cup.


Celebrate Earth Day with the rest of the World. Do your part for our planet!

In 2023, Earth Day will be celebrating its 53rd anniversary with the theme "Invest in Our Planet", encouraging businesses and individuals to create a low carbon future together. 


Reducing waste at source is crucial!

The Hong Kong Government recorded that over 82,000 tonnes of plastics and polystyrene diningware is being diposed of in landfill in 2021, which is equivalent to the weight of 527 double-decker buses. 

Deli-Delight has always supported environmental protection activities. Since 2021, We have started using paper-based containers and wooden utensils to eliminate the amount of single-use plastics in our kiosks. We believe reducing waste at source is important!

If you bring your own cup to Deli-Delight Kiosk on April 21 (Friday) and April 28 (Friday) to purchase coffee or tea, $1 from each drink will be donated to Feeding Hong Kong.

Let's do our part for our Planet!



全力支持世界地球日 ! 凡自攜隨行杯購買Deli-Delight咖啡或茶,每杯即捐出$1



2023年是世界地球日53周年,主題為「投資地球」Invest In Our Planet,鼓勵企業和個人共同創建低碳未來。





只要您於4月21日(五)及4月28日(五)帶同隨行杯到Deli-Delight 咖啡店購買咖啡或茶,就會每杯飲品捐出$1到樂餉社。